The Timber Frame Advantage

The long tradition of timber frame based house building is not going away. This has proven to be the most sustainable approach to property development in the history of building development in Scotland. The success of this system is due to its flexibility and cost saving advantages.

Our experience of manufacturing timber framed house kits and framed buildings in the Scottish tradition is second to none. It doesn’t matter if you just want simple house kits or you are creating a massive, regionally important development; we will be able to provide a cost effective and efficient solution to match your need. We take our customer service and environmental responsibilities very seriously and always strive to make your dealings with us honest, ethical and straight forward.

Our standard house kits and bespoke timber framed houses are created by our design team on sophisticated and well tested CAD software. This system is connected directly to our ultra-modern manufacturing machinery; enabling integrated design and engineering.

The winning advantage for our customers is that your timber frames for the shell of the building are always in sync with roof components to ensure there are no unexpected mis-matches. This combination of tradition and modern technology in our Dumfries facility, allows framed buildings to be constructed in any shape, timber size or grade to match individual project requirements.

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